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What can you Campaign for at Teegully

Teegully is a platform where you can create crowdfunded t-shirts without the hassles of manuacturing and printing t-shirts, managing inventory, providing customer support, shipping to customers etc.

You can put your entire focus on creating and promoting the t-shirt! We take care of the rest.

You can create campaigns for your music bands, sports teams, online communities, NGO's, school/college events, fan groups, hobby clubs, social media pages etc. Finding a niche market and promoting the campaign among those audiences leads to tremendous response!

In this blog post, we'll go through the niches where the potential for a successful campaign goes way up. This list has been created after lots of research, polls etc. 

So let's started!

1. Designers - Inspite of being a good designer, it is a lot of work to set up your own shop and sell to your customers. Also taking care of customer support, printing, shipping takes a lot of your time and you lose your focus from your main forte i.e. designing. Teegully is the perfect place for you. Here you just concentrate on the design and we take care of the rest!

2. Music Bands - Fans of a music band get more enthusiastic if they can get their hands on any official merchandise or quirky stuff related to the band. So here you can create cool t-shirts for your music band and give your fans something to cheer about. Don't worry, we'll take care of all the tedious tasks!

3. Entrepreneurs - Our model of no investment and only profit suits a lot of startups. If you are a budding entrepreneur, then you can use our platform to gather a large audience and sell t-shirts to them. It is entirely hassle free as we take of inventory, logistics etc!

4. NGO's - If you want to raise awareness about your cause and at the same time want to raise funds for your organization, you are at the right place. Start a campaign with us. Believers in your cause can buy the t-shirts and in the process you raise the funds! Leave the problems of dead stock, logistics to us.

5. Online Communities / Social Media Pages - Owners of popular online communities / social media pages can monetise on their fame and brand by adopting our model. Create a cool t-shirt for your blog/group/Facebook Community etc. Bring together the like-minded followers and make this enterprise a recognisable brand in its own right!

6. School / College Events - As we say, wear your pride on your t-shirt! Create cool, quirky t-shirts for your school, class, college events and promote it among your classmates to develop that sense of unity and pride without thinking about size problems, payments etc. We are there for those mundane tasks!

All this and lots more. Unleash your creativity and create that iconic t-shirt. Promote it among the correct audiences and see the magic happen!

All the Best and in case of any issues get in touch with Team Teegully on 9831749181 / 9874305666 / 8981873758.

For any other queries or clarifications, visit

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